Top 10 places to visit in Rome

Rome is such a beautiful city, there is so much to see and to do. I’ve been quite a few times in Rome and I still haven’t seen all of the landmarks. If you’re visiting Rome, prepare yourself for a lot of walking! There are hop on, hop off busses, but walking through the little streets will make you fall in love with this city!

Every time I go to Rome, I’m there for just a day or two. Below you find my top 10 of favourite places in Rome (that you can see all in one day)!

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Trevi Fountain – for the beautiful sculpture and the lights lighting up the fountain so beautifully. Go early morning or around midnight to find the fountain the least crowded!

Colosseum – I love to imagine how the Romans went here to watch the gladiators. Imagine, the colosseum was built 70 AD and it’s still standing fierce-fully as Rome’s favourite landmark!

Villa Borghese – A park that’s great for a pick-nick, enjoying the trees and relax after a long stroll through the city. It’s located higher than the rest of the city, which gives you the chance to see a big part of the city from above. Go to the terrace that’s overlooking Piazza del Popolo and.. enjoy the views (especially during sunset!)

Bucco della Serratura – Watch as a spy through the keyhole of a big door to see the top of the St. Peter! Before walking back down, you could relax in the park just next to the building, Giardino degli Aranci, to have a great view over the Tevere river and the Vatican!

Piazza di Spagna – A beautiful church (Trinità dei Monti) connected to the square with some 100+ steps! It’s a nice square where many young people gather together, sit on the steps and have fun. The square is named after the Spanish embassy which is located there.

Piazza Navona  – On Piazza Navona there is the Bernini fountain, La fontana dei Quattro Fiumi. It represents four rivers from four different continents, Danube (Europe), Nile (Africa), Ganges (Asia) and Rio de la Plata (Americas). Try to find out which side belongs to which river without using Google!

The story goes that Bernini made one of the god’s sculptures as if it was fearing the Church behind it (Sant’Agnese) as this was built by his competitor Borromini.

On Piazza Navona you will find many street artists making the most beautiful artwork, mostly paintings of Rome and tourists love to just walk around and enjoy seeing the artists work, giving the square a very nice atmosphere.

Piazza Venezia – Here you will find the Altare della Patria (The fatherland altar), a relatively new building (built around 1900) as a monument for Vittorio Emanuele II. It’s a very characteristic white building with high statues that are well maintained.

Vatican City – Start off walking over St. Peter’s square, through the columns and find the two places on the square where all the columns are aligned. If you have the time, be sure visit the Saint Peter and climb the stairs to the top. Amazing views guaranteed! Then, visit the Vatican Museum which finishes at the Sistine Chapel, full of frescos from Michelangelo and other painters. In high school I was told about how Michelangelo painted the ceiling, laying on some sort of scaffolding, whilst painting. Knowing that makes it even more impressive how he managed to paint all the shadows and perspective so perfect!

Trastevere – The place where locals go in the evening to have aperitivo, dinner, then go for a drink and relax together! If you’re not sure where to have dinner, this is the neighbourhood to go to!

Bocca della Verità – The mouth of the truth..! A huge face caved into a wall with an open mouth. The story goes that if you put your hand in the mouth and if you’ve been lying, the mouth would close and your hand would be trapped!

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