My own experience #09: Airline pilot at age 21

In September 2014, less than a year after graduation, I got an e-mail from my flight school to ask if.

How to become a Pilot #09: Find a pilot job

After you finish flight school, you have your licence in your pocket, it’s time to apply for jobs! For some.

My own experience #08: My first job in Aviation

After Ruben and I passed our MCC exam, we officially finished the integrated ATPL course. I moved back to Holland.

How to become a Pilot #08: Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)

So here we are, at the final course of flight school: The Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) course! So far, you’ve.

How do pilots cope with delays?

How do pilots cope with delays?

We’ve all been there, spending hours and hours in the airport as the flight is delayed. How do pilots cope.

My own experience #07: Multi Engine & Multi Crew

After my CPL exam, a whole new challenge came up: I was going to fly the Piper Seneca, a slightly.