When you go to the airport to take a flight, you will first follow the signs to the Departures. You will go to the Check-In desk to give your suitcase. It will move away on a moving belt. Don't worry, you will get it back when you arrive at the destination!

You then go to the Security Check, where you will walk through a little gate for safety. Don't forget to empty your pockets before walking through the little gate!

All the flights are displayed on a big screen, so that you can find your Departure Gate. When the boarding starts, all passengers will show their Boarding Pass and walk through a Jet Bridge or go via a Bus to the airplane.

Inside the Airplane, your parents or the Cabin Crew will help you find your seat. You can keep some of your toys or a book or some puzzles to entertain yourself during the flight!

The Cabin Crew will then do a safety demonstration. They will show you where are the emergency exits, how to put on the life jacket and how to use the oxygen mask.

When the Pilots turn on the Engines you may hear them making noise. The plane starts moving and when the Pilots say: ''Cabin Crew, Prepare for Departure'', the plane will start moving really fast on the Runway and after some seconds it will lift off the ground. What a funny feeling!

During the flight you can look outside the windows and see the sky and the clouds! Maybe you can see the ground too, do you recognise any city?

When the pilots are ready to descend, the Cabin Crew will prepare the cabin for the landing. You will put the seat up, close the table and open the window blinds.

The last part of the flight is very nice as you can see the ground coming closer and closer. The landing can be soft or a bit harder, but nothing to be scared of! The pilots are very capable and they know how to land the plane.

When you arrive in the terminal after the flight, you may pass through passport control. Here they check your passport and give you a stamp of the country! The queue may be a little bit long, so maybe you can find a place to sit down or play a bit whilst your parents are in the queue.

Then you pass by the baggage belt, where you wait for your suitcase. It is really fun to see all the suitcases passing by on the belt. Be careful though, don't touch the belt!

After you have grabbed your suitcase, you will walk to the exit and you can start explore the new place! Enjoy!