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Below you find my Top 10 of books for student pilots, newly graduated pilots or people who wish to become a pilot! You can click on the picture or title to discover how to buy on Amazon worldwide!

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1. ACE The Technical Pilot Interview – Gary V. Bristow

Written by an experienced airline pilot, this practical study tool asks the right questions so you’ll know the right answers. It’s a must-have, one-stop resource for all pilots, regardless of aircraft type, performance, or global region.

Ace the Technical Pilot Interview, Second Edition helps you to Review the material most likely to be asked on your interview, practice with 1000+ exam-style questions, complete with answers. Learn about the latest technologies, including CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) and ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) and focus your study on what you need to know.

Aerodynamics, Engines, Jet and propeller aircraft differences, Navigation, Atmosphere and speed, Aircraft instruments and systems, Performance and flight planning, Meteorology and weather recognition, Flight operations and technique, Human performance and Type-specific questions.

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2. HOW TO BECOME AN AIRLINE PILOT: Achieve Your Dream Without Going Broke – Robert Lawrence

This book will benefit any aspiring pilot. If you want to earn your private pilot certificate or go all the way and become an airline transport pilot, the helpful information in this book will save you time and lots of money. If your dream is to travel the world and get paid, this book explains how you can make your dream become your reality. Airlines are desperate for qualified pilots.I achieved my dream of becoming an airline pilot and you can too!

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3. Pilot 101: How to Become a Pilot and Achieve Success in Your Aviation Career From A to Z – Jeffrey Lawrence Richmond

Pilot 101 is for anyone who is interested in aviation and being a pilot, whether simply for personal recreation and travel, or as a career. The book is organized in approximately the same sequence a person would follow, from thinking about being a pilot, to the training and experience required for most aviation careers, including airlines and military aviation.

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4. What to Expect from Flight Training! When You Want to Become a Commercial Pilot – Vesa Turpeinen

This book is an interesting read before you start your flight training to become
a commercial pilot or an airline pilot. This book is for anyone interested in a pilot career, and what you will learn may help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in your training expenses.

The purpose of this book is not to teach you any specific skills or knowledge areas. You won’t learn how aerodynamics work or how to control an aircraft in flight – that’s something you will learn once you start your flight training. Instead, this book will give you an overall picture of what to expect from flight training before you start taking flight lessons or start your ground school studies.

The knowledge you gain from this book is helpful for you to prepare for your flight training, so you can be confident that you will smoothly progress through your training! The information in this book mostly applies to flight training in the
United States, following regulations set by the FAA. However, flight training in most countries follow a similar pattern, so you can still benefit from reading this book even if
you’re planning to do your training in another country. Whether you want to earn your private pilot certificate, become a corporate
pilot, or become a captain in a major airline – this book is for you.

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5. Career as a pilot – Brian Rogers

A career as a Pilot is an exciting one! But do you really know what it takes to become one? This book takes you inside the career and shows you the day and the life of a Pilot. Inside you’ll learn what they do, what training is required, what the future holds, and how you can become one!

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6. The Pilot’s Manual: Ground School

You couldn’t ask for a more complete textbook on how to operate general aviation airplanes in the United States. The Pilot’s Manual: Ground School walks students through all the knowledge needed to pass both the Private and Commercial FAA Knowledge Exams. The Fourth Edition has been updated to reflect current rules, procedures, and the FAA’s areas of emphasis including aeronautical decision making, runway incursion avoidance rules, risk management, drone operations, and the FAA’s new Airman Certification Standards.

The information is organized into easy-to-digest chapters, and the text is supported with more than 500 full-color illustrations and photographs. All the knowledge requirements are covered, including aerodynamics, airplane performance, physiological factors affecting the pilot, weather, regulations, charts and airspace, airport operations, navigation, flight planning, and more. Helpful marginal notes are provided for quick definitions of terms, further emphasis on key points, and mnemonic devices that can be of tremendous benefit to study. Each chapter closes with review questions highlighting the important facts.

Written by a remarkable editorial team consisting of civilian, airline, and military pilots, flight instructors, professors, FAA representatives, and industry leaders, this is the textbook trusted by leading universities worldwide. The logical organization makes it equally effective as a home-study text. Includes a Foreword by Barry Schiff. Full-color illustrations, glossary and index.

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7. The Pilot’s Manual: Airline Transport Pilot

Becoming an airline pilot demands a well-rounded candidate–someone skilled in the operation and handling of aircraft who is of the utmost professional and moral character. This book covers the technical areas while highlighting what it means to be an aviation professional. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) outlines the content required by the Airline Transport Pilot — Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP). The ATP-CTP ground school must be completed prior to taking the FAA ATP knowledge exam needed to earn an ATP certificate. This book covers all the topics required and provides practical advice on topics pertinent to a newly-hired airline pilot, including: aerodynamics with a focus on high altitude operations, stall prevention and recovery, and general upset recovery techniques for transport category aircraft; applicable weather considerations with emphasis on abnormal weather conditions, icing, and severe weather avoidance; general operating principles when working for an airline; and physiological factors, checklist procedures, equipment failures, turbine engines, transport category performance, and automation. Concluding chapters are dedicated to leadership and professionalism, crew resource management, safety culture, and regulations, including sleep and duty regulations as well as operating rules that differ from general aviation regulations. This book can be used in academic advanced jet transition training courses to help students prepare for their transition to the airlines. Review questions conclude each chapter.

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8. Human Factors: Enhancing Pilot Performance – Dale Wilson

Drawing upon the latest scientific research, aviation safety studies, aircraft accident findings and more than 60 years of combined experience teaching human factors to aircraft pilots in civilian and military settings, Human Factors for Flight Crews thoroughly explores the nature of the human factor limitations (physiological, psychological and social psychological) responsible for most “pilot error” accidents, describes how they often manifest themselves on the flight deck, and most importantly, provides best practice countermeasures designed to help pilots minimize their influence in their own flight performance.

Whether you are a fair-weather private pilot, a new-hire first officer at a regional airline or a seasoned pilot with thousands of hours under your belt, this book will help you understand why pilots make the mistakes they do and arm you with the knowledge you need to successfully avoid or mitigate them.

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9. Aircraft Basic Science – Michael Kroes, James Rardon, Michael Nolan

Aircraft Basic Science, Eighth Edition, is a valuable resource for students of aviation technology that provides updated information needed to prepare for an FAA airframe and powerplant maintenance certification. This expanded edition includes recent advances in technology, such as the use of composite aircraft materials, with revised examples and figures to more accurately reflect the state of the industry.

For easy reference, chapters are illustrated and present specific aspects of aircraft materials, fabrication processes, maintenance tools, and federal aviation regulations.

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10. The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Work Book – Sasha Robinson

This unique, fully interactive work book will arm you with all the necessary skills to succeed at your all important job interview.

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Below you find fiction and non-fiction books about aviation!

1. Something you need to know About Pilots – Brian Christofferson

A young man returns home to Montana after four years of having the Air Force make too many of his decisions. A young woman, a love interest from his time in high school, lives only two states away now instead of two time zones. Becoming a doctor is his goal, which means being accepted to medical school after college. Her goal is to be a nurse and the U.S. Navy is taking an active role in making that happen. Being a pilot is his alternative plan and northwest Montana provides the backdrop for scenes of a flight to see his girlfriend, an operating room and on to a fire-spotter mission over a lookout that tell the memoir as it should be told. The story is a rough approximation of the plans and dreams and how they morphed with opportunities into reality and then to the past.

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2. Angel Flight (Fly Girl Trilogy) – R.D. Kardon

Two women. The men they love. One desperate plan.

Pilot Tris Miles is finally getting the recognition she deserves. She is a trusted captain and confidante to her boss at Westin Charter Company, and mentor to her young, ambitious co-pilot Bruce. Tris is offered a coveted promotion and the opportunity of a lifetime–to fly a prestigious “angel flight,” transporting a critically ill woman from a remote town in northern Canada to the US for medical treatment.

But Tris needs more than professional success. Still alone almost three years after her lover Bron’s death, Tris meets Mike, a local pilot with a secret past he refuses to discuss. Their budding relationship stumbles when Mike gets hired by Westin Charter to compete for the promotion Tris was promised.

As Tris & Mike’s professional battle intensifies, their personal relationship deepens. Life is getting a whole lot more complicated for Tris, and it’s about to get worse as the “angel flight” embarks. No one could imagine what awaits them in Canada, and how each will have to fight for their lives on this mission of mercy.

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3. Wind, Sand and Stars – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

From the author of the beloved classic The Little Prince and a winner of the Grand Prix of the Académie Française, Wind, Sand and Stars captures the grandeur, danger, and isolation of flight. Its exciting account of air adventure, combined with lyrical prose and the spirit of a philosopher, makes it one of the most popular works ever written about flying. 

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4. Truckin’ The Skies: Alaska Aviation Stories – Gary ”Tup” Tupper

This book is a must-read if you are interested in real Alaskan aviation history. It’s written as if you were standing around the hanger with a bunch of old-time pilots and loadmasters remembering the glory days.

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5. Flygirl – Sherri L. Smith

All Ida Mae Jones wants to do is fly. Her daddy was a pilot, and years after his death she feels closest to him when she’s in the air. But as a young black woman in 1940s Louisiana, she knows the sky is off limits to her, until America enters World War II, and the Army forms the WASP-Women Airforce Service Pilots. Ida has a chance to fulfill her dream if she’s willing to use her light skin to pass as a white girl. She wants to fly more than anything, but Ida soon learns that denying one’s self and family is a heavy burden, and ultimately it’s not what you do but who you are that’s most important.

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This post contains affiliate links. This means that you help me if you buy using these links! I’m running this website with a lot of love and dedication, but it would be very nice if you support my website by buying your items using these links! Much love and thanks!!

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