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In 2012 I opened my Instagram account just like everyone else, to share photos of my life and share it with friends. I was in Flight School back then and it was a nice way to keep in contact with my friends and family back home. I'd have never thought my account would become this popular!

As I posted about my daily life in flight school, people enjoyed following my journey to become a pilot.

In 2016, I reached 5000 followers and after that it just kept growing exponentially. I was featured in online and offline magazines which helped reaching new people.

By producing interesting content and keeping up to date with latest trends and features, I try to keep growing my Instagram account at a steady rate whilst keeping it original and personal.

I enjoy working together with brands and businesses to create engaging content that fits the brands identity and help increase the brands followers and advertisement reach.

Find below an overview of brands that I've worked with. Feel free to reach out to me for collaborations and business opportunities.


In 2021 I was invited by Airbus to attend their Summit as an influencer. I documented the summit that was focused on their future plans, especially regarding sustainability.

All three days I shared stories of all the different topics and activities of the summit.

The content was very well received by my audience as it was closely related to aviation.

In 2019 I worked with Vichy, part of the L'Oréal group, as a part of the #jetlagproofedskin campaign, to promote Vichy's new product line called Minéral 89.

Detailed collaboration with various types of posts, targeting audience interested in skincare and travel.

The campaign for Yamamay in 2019 is one that I'm especially proud of!

The first part was about their new line of clothing, SportChic. The campaign used multiple female pilots to promote the clothing line, as they are wrinkle free, taking little space in a suitcase and a must-have on a layover because they fit any occasion.

The second part was a promotion of Yamamay's new summer collection called ECOvibes: bathing suits, clothing and beach towels, all made from recycled plastic bottles. We launched this campaign on World Ocean Day and we organised a beach clean-up wearing our ECOvibes clothing.

Both the #pilotlife and #travel niche were targeted with this campaign and it was a big success!

In 2017, Bose gifted me their A20 Aviation Headset and I enjoyed creating content wearing the headset to thank them for their generous gift!